Friday, May 23, 2008

Katie Kat

Dennis wanted some photos of Katie - so here they are.

We rescued her from a place where she was getting badly treated. As you can see one side of her face is twisted and one eye doesn't close properly because of scar tissue. She is a sweet thing though, very gentle and loving even after the experiences she has been through. She was feral when we first got her - thin, unkempt, wild and frightened - as you can see she is right at home now!!!

I actually thinks she believes she has died and gone to Heaven - in a basket!! If you need to find her - look in a basket....

........or a box!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Remains of Rabaul

Pia Some photos that may disturb you. Today the wind was blowing the ash down the streets into choking clouds making it so depressing.

Working your way down the photos - the top one is taken from the Mataput end of Mango Avenue looking back towards Malaguna St

The next photo is what is left of the old market on the corner of Mango and Malaguna. The new market is now at the other end of Malaguna St.

This is Malaguna St looking back towards the main wharf and Tunnel Hill.

Not sure whether Sacred Heart School was there in your day. The piles are ash that have been swept up from the carpark. Imagine what the kids play in every day in the school yard??

Friday, September 7, 2007

Planti Bilums

Eliane was interested in my bilum post so I have put together some photos of the wonderful colours and patterns in some of my bilums. Some of them are so big you can carry a pikinini (baby) in them.

There are also Mendi baskets which I have so many of and crocheted bilums as well, which I have a hat stand full of - they can be for another post!!

I have planti (plenty/many) of them and collect them whenever I can!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tavurvur erupts

This photo was taken by Ray on 7 October last year. He was visiting Rabaul and staying at the Rabaul (Hamamas) Hotel, when Tavurvur showed her power.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jewels by Jules

cabacurl - This is some of the jewelry you wanted to see - I have been making it under the label jewels by jules, but haven't been doing much lately as i got RSI from it!!!! I really like pearls, ethnic and recycled glass beads.

The ones that look like wood are actually made from coconuts and shell money. Am going to a village on Friday to see them making shell money so will post those photos on the weekend.